Tribal Inventory Part 3

By Jason Barnaby | | 1.2.18

If you’ve ever had to fire someone or been fired yourself, you know how difficult it is on both sides. At the same time, I’ve seen those fired and those still on the team after the firing grows immensely as a result of this tough decision. FIRE is the third and final stage of the Tribal Inventory.

As you look at the 7 quintessential roles of a high functioning Tribe, you may have realized you have some people who don’t fit, or who don’t serve you the way you need or who may be in the wrong role. These are all situations where you may need to fire those Tribe members.

Now, don’t get me wrong, this doesn’t (necessarily) need to be a sudden pulling of the cord with a “You’re dead to me” approach, but in some cases where the person is toxic and causing you more harm than good, it may be. This is where the uncomfortable part of the firing becomes very real. Action needs to happen.

You may also find as you go through the Tribal Inventory that you have people in the wrong role. This recently happened with a professional mentoring client of mine. She realized she was going to a Devil’s Advocate when she needed a Dreamer. As a result, she would often walk away from those encounters feeling defeated and beating up on herself for having plans that weren’t well thought out. As we worked through the Tribal Inventory, she had an AHA moment. This person was in the wrong role in her Tribe. She still very much valued their input but needed it when her plans were set and ready for someone to poke holes and find the flaws, not at the beginning when she was dreaming.

If we are the average of the 5 people we spend the most time with, we also need those people to be functioning in the right roles of our Tribe.

Whatever your Tribal Inventory outcome, I’m willing to bet there is action to be taken. Admire, Hire or Fire?

What will you DO?

(If the answer is “Complete a Tribal Inventory”, click below).