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#IgniteHope and #TorchFear

These three mandates and two hashtags are the framework, mission and vision of Fire Starters Inc., and they are present in every keynote Jason presents--virtual or in-person.

Burn out, self-talk, self-care, mindset reset, limiting beliefs, feedback, engagement, and team synergy are all topics Jason speaks passionately about. 
  • What's the theme for your conference?
  • What particular challenge you are facing?
  • Are you rallying your people around a common goal or idea?
Whatever your objective is, Jason will create and deliver a customized, interactive keynote that will engage your audience with #ActionableInspiration that is sure to move the audience to action.

Strong message, simple to remember, motivating.

Creative Works 360 Conference Attendee

Wow! Amazing session. You really have me thinking about my life and my tribe (or lack thereof, actually). Thank you!!!!

HR Indiana SHRM Attendee

I also loved the keynote speaker, Jason Barnaby. I thought his presentation was excellent and inspiring!

HFCU Development Day Attendee

Jason in Action

Jason is a sought after speaker chosen to ignite an audience to take action. Whether it's aligning a team around a discovered vision or delivering a presentation to help each individual discover their passion, every attendee leaves with clear actions they can take to unleash their dreams.


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Tell me about your event (in person or virtual) and I'll craft a customized, interactive and engaging session to ignite and inspire your audience.