Tribal Inventory Part 2

By Jason Barnaby | | 1.2.18

Last week we looked at Admire, the first stage of the Tribal Inventory. This week I want to talk about the second stage, Hire. When you look around at your Tribe, who are you lacking? Do you need someone to get you focused, keep you accountable, play devil’s advocate? Do you have a bunch of cheerleader’s but nobody to ask you the tough questions? Do you have some dreamers, but nobody to connect you? In my upcoming book, Fire Starters, I identify 7 essential members for every Tribe: Listener, Dreamer, Devil’s Advocate, Organizer, Catalyst, Connector and Expert.

Some people will play more than one role and you may have more than one of some roles, but a high functioning Tribe has all 7 and you need them all at different times for different reasons. Where can I find the ones I’m lacking you ask? Look around you–work, school, church, sports teams (parents of kids on your kid’s team), neighborhood, LinkedIn, Facebook–they’re everywhere.

Next week I will include a link to the Tribal Inventory that will help you decide who to admire, hire and fire. For now, look at the 7 essential members above and start asking who you need to hire.

What will you DO?