30 Days to Blaze Fire Starter Kit (Click for description)

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30 Days to Blaze Fire Starter Kit is the (DIY) spark you've been looking for to ignite your life! This 30 day program includes: a self assessment, tribal feedback, facing and overcoming fears exercises, a personal mission statement builder, a tribal inventory to make sure you have the right tribe and more! Additionally, you'll receive a 15-minute coaching call with Jason during your 4-week course.

This is for you if you know you are ready for change, work well by yourself and need minimal accountability. You might think of this as "30 Days to Blaze Light." The full program 30 Days to Blaze--Bonfire Sessions is done in community with 5 webinars over a span of 5 weeks to stay connected, challenged and motivated. You also get two, 30-minute, individual coaching calls with Jason

Fire Starter Kit (DIY) Course includes:

  • 30 Days to Blaze Journaling Workbook
  • Igniting the Fire Starter Within paperback
  • Access to 30 Days to Blaze online course with over 30 daily videos and online Fire Starters Tool Kit
  • Fire Starters Inc vinyl sticker

Let's get your journey started!

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