Spark & Ignite HR Tribe

Spark & Ignite HR Tribe

The Basics

Who: HR Professionals

First Meeting on Wednesday, September 15. Second September meeting on Wednesday 9/29 

  • 2nd and 4th Wednesdays every month after
  • Time: TBD   

Where: Virtual via Zoom

Duration: 12 months total @2 times per month


  • 60-minute meetings
  • Online and HIGHLY interactive
  • Focused content delivery
  • Facilitated small group discussions
  • Fiery accountability in the best way possible
  • Supportive tribe
  • Guest presenters every month
  • Topics will include: self-care, overcoming limiting beliefs, building a tribe, big dreaming, self-talk/mindset, explosive action and more

Pricing--4 options

  1. Earliest bird pay in full=$1089  (@$99/month) by 9/8 and get one month free (best deal)
  2. Early bird pay monthly@$99/month and first payment by 9/8
  3. Later bird pay in full=$1419 (@$129/month) and first payment between 9/8-9/14 and get one month free
  4. Latest bird pay monthly @$129/month and first payment between 9/8-9/14 

Ideal candidate: An HR professional who is ready to spark and ignite their inner fire to reach new heights, face new challenges and be a true catalyst for change in their organization.