Fight “STUCKEDNESS” by sparking A-HA moments that ignite sustainable change in behavior and culture–especially when daring the status quo


To creatively deliver platform, group and individual sessions designed to challenge and ultimately disrupt established norms and spark lasting change.








About Jason

Jason Barnaby is a native Hoosier and graduate of Indiana University.  While there, he was a founding member of IU Dance Marathon—a student led organization donating to Riley Children’s Hospital for over a quarter century.  Jason has been a professional ski bum in Colorado, lived in Europe for 8 years with his wife where they owned a coffee shop and he worked as a college professor before moving his family back to Indiana in 2004.  For the majority of that time, he has worked for OneAmerica in Learning and Development, Internal Sales, Field Sales and most recently as Director of the Transformation Management Office in Retirement Services.  He has also worked as an adjunct professor for DeVry University and Harrison College.

Jason’s love for facilitating A-HA moments with groups and individuals led him to start his own company, Fire Starters Inc. in 2017.  Its mission is to work with individuals and corporations to get them unstuck from the status quo and ignite lasting change. His first book, Igniting the Fire Starter Within, chronicles the journeys of 5 people (including Jason) who said “so what” to their WhatIfAbouts (fears), built a tribe of supporters and found success in their original design.

Outside of professional pursuits Jason is a devoted husband of over 20 years, a proud father of 3, a distance runner, a music leader and, along with his wife, a certified group fitness instructor.

I’m on a mission.

I’ve seen what happens when the A-HA moment strikes—excitement, clarity, focus. I’ve spent decades facilitating these both here and abroad. It’s my mission.  They’re contagious.  They change us.  They spark a hunger to get unstuck.  When was the last time you experienced an A-HA?  Isn’t it time?  What are you waiting for?

Let’s get started!